Monday, December 15, 2008

Who Is Responsible?

Sorry I have been gone for so long. Between being very busy and then Alaina and I being sick I haven't been on much.
On to today's post.

Who is responsible?
When we were in the States in October we took the time to do some outlet mall shopping at a place that I have been going since I was a teenager. It's the kind of place that you've bought enough there you don't have to try things on. So, the other day, I pulled out a pair of jeans that I bought there. I unsnapped them and pulled the zipper down in preparation for putting them on. I remember thinking that the zipper must be stuck as it didn't go down far enough. So I put them on. They fit fine, not too loose not too tight. The problem was I couldn't pull them up far enough. Then I discovered the problem. They were low rise jeans. Thus my question. Who is the GENIUS who decided to make low rise jeans for fat girls? Honestly! Now I can only wear them around the house or with really long tops as I don't care to show anything that low rise jeans are intended to show.

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