Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Gardacil Vaccination

A Biblical Home has posted this about the new Gardacil vaccine. At this time, so far as I know, it is only mandatory in Texas. I was going to comment on her blog, but I felt the need to address some issues people are having in more detail. Some of the concerns I am hearing among parents and out there in the blog world have to do with giving our daughters permission to be promiscuous. This is BUNK! I do not feel that protecting your daughter against the HPV virus is giving her permission to sleep around. The HPV virus is the most common precursor of cervical cancer. And yes it is a sexually transmitted disease. Cervical cancer is a nightmare that often causes women to have hysterectomies and therefore limits their ability to give birth to children. The reason I post is this. It's not about promiscuity. It's about protection. A girl could be a virgin on her wedding night and still end up with it. HPV is often symptomless in men and most men who have it do not know they have it. So, if a virgin marries a man who is not he may have it and unknowingly give it to her. A girl can, unfortunately, be raped. What I'm saying is the only ways to be certain you will never get this horrific disease is to never have sex (where the rape problem is still out of your control) or to be a virgin and marry a virgin and both of you remain faithful and if your husband dies you can only remarry a virgin and then still remain faithful and never get raped. Ladies, you don't know who your daughter may fall in love with. It may be a man who came to Christ after he lost his virginity. It may be a man who had been married before. It may be a man who has been a Christian for years and never married but made a mistake and fell. We are not perfect. We are human. I don't believe that sex outside of marriage is right for any reason. It is sin. I'm saying we have an opportunity here with this vaccine to protect our daughters from a fertility and sometimes life threatening disease that they may acquire through no fault of their own. In 49 states it is still optional. I am against Texas making it mandatory. It is a decision for families and young women to make not for the government. Inform yourselves. Get the facts. Ask a Christian doctor or nurse practitioner from your church to give an informative seminar at your church for parents to attend.
Now, as far as the side effects and reactions are concerned, we know that there is risk with any vaccination. Discuss those risks with your health care practitioner. I am not here to promote the vaccine. It is new, and I suspect all the side-effects/risks are yet unknown. The purpose of this post is to debunk the myth that having your daughter get the vaccine = giving her permission to be promiscuous.

Now, I must also take issue with the commenter on the Biblical Home blog who stated, "I do feel like some of the newer vaccines like the Hep. A/B and the HPV are basically vaccines that allow young adults to live immoral lives without the fear of suffering some of the physical consequences."
I have received both of these vaccines. I am not living an immoral life nor have I been given permission to by the vaccine. I got the Hep B vaccine because I am a nurse. I could get it from an accidental needle stick. The Hepatitis B virus can be transmitted sexually. " It can also be transmitted through blood transfusion, cuts or abrasions in the skin, and absorption by mucosal surfaces. Direct contact with infected body fluids, such as tears, cerebrospinal fluid, synovial fluid, gastric juices, pleural fluid, semen and urine may pass the infection. Hepatitis B can survive on inanimate objects for up to 1 week. Hepatitis B virus can be found in maternal vaginal secretions, blood, amniotic fluid, saliva and breast milk." (ref.Pathophysiology: The biologic basis for disease in adults and children/Kathryn L. McCance, Sue E. Huether.-3rd ed. Mosby-Year Book, Inc.) Obviously this can also be acquired in the community.
Hepatitis A is also a community acquired disease. It is most often spread by people who do not wash their hands after using the bathroom. It can be acquired sexually but most often it is through more casual contact. I got the vaccine because I don't want hepatitis A and I could most likely get it through some food service worker who has poor hygiene. Have you ever eaten food from a street vendor? Lots of them don't have a place for the worker to wash his hands, and even if they did most of them don't wash between handling the money and your food and wiping their sweaty brows, scratching their heads etc.

So the overall point here today is that vaccines do not give you permission to live an immoral life, but they can protect you from those who do and from other circumstances beyond your control.

Bits and Pieces

Sorry I've been away so long. I spent Sunday night to yesterday taking care of a sick friend who's husband is deployed. My husband is so good to me. While I was gone he completely finished the spring cleaning. There is nothing left to do. lol No, he's not weird, but when he is anxious and has something on his mind he gets it worked out by cleaning. It could be a lot worse. There are many worse things he could do, and no I'm not sending him to your place next time he's thinking something out. lol. Last Friday we went to a Toby Kieth concert. He gives these free concerts for the soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq. He made one stop in Germany. We were glad it wasn't too far. It was hot and I got sunburned. You ought to see my farmers tan/burn! Oh well, we had a good time.

Monday, Our computer crashed. Alan had to wipe it clean and he has been trying to reload the programs we need on it. I'd post the pictures I took at the concert but the program has to be downloaded and I don't know from where so it will have to wait until hubby can get around to it.

Other than that, I have errands to run today and some shopping to do.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

There Is None Like Him

OK, so this is the news we've been waiting 3+ weeks for. Back in April we found out that there was a big change in store for us. We knew it would be one of 2 things. My husband was either going to be deployed with a special task force or he would be taking a command in Kaiserslautern. We both really wanted him to get the command for 2 reasons. One, obviously, I don't want him deployed. Yes, I know that it's a part of being an Army wife, but he has been deployed before and nearly died because of it. That, however, is another story for another day. The second reason is that it would be commanding a medical transition unit. This unit comprises a lot of men and women who have been injured. This is something my husband is passionate about. He knows the ins and outs of the military medical system, and he truly cares about his soldiers. There are a lot of other reasons he would be perfect for it. We both really felt the Lord's leading here. We felt that perhaps this was one of the reasons that Alan nearly died 3 years ago. So as you all read in past posts, we were anxiously awaiting. If he didn't get the command he would be deployed. The decision was supposed to be made more than 4 weeks ago. The date came and went. A week later we heard that it would take more time as a certain General wished to weigh in on the decision. That was understandable in light of the Walter Reed scandal. Still it was hard to wait. Then a week or so later we learned that the person to make the decision had changed yet again, but Alan had made the first cut. So off we went again to interview with the new decision maker. Another week went by. I may be biased but I really didn't see how they could possibly choose anyone else. Last Wednesday, my husband came home and told me the news. "I didn't get the position." which also meant he would be deployed. I can tell you that was a real blow. We were really quite hurt and disappointed over it. Our prayer the whole time we were waiting had been "Lord, If this isn't your will, please don't let him get it." Whatever else happens we always want to be right in the middle of His will. Even if that meant Alan being so far away and in less than ideal surroundings. When something we didn't want to happen has happened the Lord has shown us so many times that we must trust Him because He knows the future that we don't. And He knows what's best and wants what's best for us. The whole time we were waiting for this decision the message came through loud and clear. "Trust me." In many different ways and through different people "Trust me." When you hear the still small voice, you know. And so when we got the news we truly didn't expect to hear I still heard "Trust me." We talked about our feelings and then chose to thank Jesus for having His will in the situation. The Bible tells us to give thanks in all things not just the seeimingly good ones. So that is what we did even though we didn't understand. That day and the next was hard for me. I had to attend a function (still sick) and had to tell people. But, when I told them I also said we wanted the Lord's will and we have it. He has never let us down before and so we trust Him that He knows even though we don't. I recounted to some people the Hawaii incident. Privately I told the Lord how disappointed I was. I knew I wanted His will but I also wanted His will to be my will. I wondered how I could have been so wrong about the Lord's leading. I had felt so strongly that we were to go to Kaiserslautern but now I was staying here and Alan was deploying. Nothing felt right and I was very uncomfortable about it. Well, Alan came home Thursday. His Colonel had asked him into the office to talk to him about it. I will mention here that his colonel is wonderful. He is kind, doesn't think he's all that, and he is deeply concerned about the people who serve under him. Add to that the fact that he is a true Christian. He had personally given his recommendation for Alan to get this job. In fact, the day we found out Alan didn't get it, he'd spoken to the decision maker in person and frankly asked him why Alan didn't get the job. :) It turns out that the decision maker has asked for Alan to take a different position. A position as executive officer overseeing the wounded warrior program at Landstuhl effectively supervising the position he applied for! Not only is this a compliment to him but the job of battalion XO is reserved for officers at least one rank higher than he is and he isn't anywhere near promotion. It's a very great honor. So, now you know. Isn't the Lord good! He said, "Trust me." I had just told a lady the evening before that I may not know what the future holds but I know who holds the future. I was so disappointed and I didn't understand but I told my sister." How can I not trust Him? He has brought us through so much. How can I Not trust Him." I'm so glad I/we did.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Bits and Pieces

Last night we went to a volunteer appreciation banquet. I had not especially wanted to go, but oddly my husband pushed for it and besides it would be a free meal right. Well as it turns out he had Intel that I did not and I was awarded one of the Distinguished Community Volunteer Awards. The award was a very nice certificate presented by the general and his wife and the garrison commander, a nice duffel bag and a present inside of that which turned out to be a beautiful crystal bowl! (Rebecca LOVES crystal!) So all in all it turned out to be alright even if I was still sick. Tonight is the unit coffee and I imagine I'll really have to go to that.

I was so proud of myself yesterday. Sick as I am I still managed to get quite a bit done. I made the bed, emptied and reloaded the dishwasher, cleaned the kitchen and set up the coffee maker, got most of my coupons cut out, and cleaned out my computer of all the junk that was slowing it down. Pictures and things I wanted to keep went on a flash disk and everything else to the recycle bin and then deleted from that. Defraged and ran the ad aware and it's amazing how fast the computer runs now.

Today I plan to finish cutting out the coupons, and get my coupon organizer put back together and ready to go. It fell apart when I dropped it. Yes I know, coupons everywhere. I was so upset. I need to go to the commissary and to the PX and get something ready for Alan's dinner while I am gone to the coffee. I am not considered to be contagious anymore since I have been on antibiotics for 48 hours so I'm not worried that I'll spread anything. I also need to go to the mp station and report my ID as missing. So, off to a busy day. I hope you all have a good one!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Update and Smokey news

OK, so I did manage to see the doctor today. I had to wait several hours but at least I got in. She said I was the fourth patient she'd seen today that had this. I got a shot, a breathing treatment, and like 3 prescriptions. So, I'm rather knocked out by all the drugs. I managed to change the linens on our bed today, but that has completely wiped me out. Just sitting up and typing is exhausting. So nothing new to tell today. Thank all of you for your prayer. I appreciate them more than I can say. Oh there is one thing to mention. Smokey our cat fell again today. He was jumping up to the window ledge in our bedroom. He likes to look out that window and watch all the activity. The ledge is smooth and not wood (I don't know what it's made of) and he can't always get a good grip. Today he tried a different approach. I store some of my shoes on this ledge. It's a big ledge and he tried to jump up on my shoes for better traction but the shoe flipped up and hit him and he fell. So I have brought over one of our dining room chairs that normally sits in another part of the room so he can have a foot stool as it were. Now we just have to get him to try it. He's scared he'll fall again. Thank the Lord he wasn't hurt.

Sunday, May 20, 2007


According to my site meter I had my 1000th visitor today! WooHoo! I thank all of you for your support. :)


Here I am at 0321 and I can't sleep. I have a nasty bronchitis. I woke up with it Saturday morning. I can't lay down because I feel like I'm drowning. Monday sure seems far off. I have to wait until then to try to see a doctor. And to make it worse my back is so painful I have trouble in any position. I finally got to talk to my sister though. Three am my time is a good time to get people in the States. Wow, I guess I talked to her quite a while. Now it's 0442 good thing we have that flat rate plan.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Fund Raising Friday

3 days in a row of substitute teaching and I'm glad I'm done for a while. My hat is off to teachers everywhere. I could not do that as a regular thing. Tonight we went to an FRG fund raiser. We played BINGO and won prizes and everyone had a good time. Alan and I are so looking forward to a quiet weekend.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Health? Education? Warning not for younger readers.

I have been subbing the past 2 days. Yesterday, one of the girls was telling me about her health class and told how the teacher asked the boys if they carry a condom in their wallets. Not all of the boys raised their hands and she chastised them that they should be carrying them and said that that goes for the girls too. There you have it ladies and gentlemen. Your tax dollars at work. The girl went on to say that she told the teacher she isn't that kind of girl and the teacher said that it will happen so she'd better be prepared. Absolutely shocking. Even if I didn't find this morally repugnant (and I do) does she not know that a condom carried for very long in a boy's wallet will break down due to the heat which will make it much more likely to break? I mean really. What's next? How to sessions for extra credit? Don't think I didn't make it perfectly clear to the girls ( thankfully there were only girls in that class and it wasn't the health class) that the condoms can be rendered useless that way and that I was proud of them for standing up for their beliefs and also that they would be thankful, on their wedding night, that they had waited. I don't know of any girl who has regretted saving herself for her husband and I also don't know any girl who didn't and doesn't regret it.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Scholarship Day

Today was the end of the school year awards ceremony at the high school here on post. As the chairperson of the BSCC, I had the pleasure of announcing and handing out the BSCC scholarships for this year. It was so great to see these young people getting awards in math and science and it was especially satisfying to award scholarships to such deserving military kids. You see I believe that school is a bit harder on military kids. They move every couple of years if not more often. A new school with new rules and "politics", new students and teachers to get used to, often different requirements for graduation or advancement, and especially now with the constant threat and reality of having a parent deployed to a war zone, it takes special dedication and resolve to do well. I applaud these students and cheer them on in their future endeavors. Whatever they choose to do they have outstanding potential to make wonderful contributions to our world.

So that's what I did today. Other than that DH is out of town on business of course and I have been asked to substitute teach the rest of the week. I have requested that they call the others first and only call me as a last resort mainly because I prefer to be home taking care of things so I know that they really need me. Anyway it will only make 3.5 days of work this month. Not too shabby and it's nice to have a little extra spending money. DH's birthday is coming up. The big 40! Not till July though.

Monday, May 14, 2007

We're Back

We're back. We left late Friday afternoon for Kaiserslautern, Germany. There, On Saturday, we attended an adoption symposium for Americans living overseas who are looking to adopt overseas. We are so glad we went! There are so many children out there that need good homes and we are going to start the paper work to get at least one if not 2 of them. lol I'll see if I can talk hubby into more he he! It was a very informative day and we got lots of information to take with us and review.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

My Apology

Hello dear friends. I'm so sorry that I have not been able to be around lately. May is the month in the military family world when everything happens. The activity season is ending and the PCS season is beginning. So this is when everything happens. PWOC end of season activities, BSCC end of season activities, people are beginning to pack up and leave or arrive and then all the regular stuff too. So, I have gone nuts. I have also decided that next year (which begins in late August)I will not take on so much. It hasn't been so bad but this month has been too much. Anyway, after next week most of the rush rush will be over and depending on whether or not we move I can settle into a more calm routine. Tomorrow, before we leave for 5 days of travel and important meetings, I will fill you all in on what has been going on. Blessings to all!

Saturday, May 5, 2007


I am so tired. Just physically and emotionally spent. DH and I spent the day resting. Just being together, watching movies, went to the thrift store. No decisive news yet. It's frustrating to not be able to plan for the future. I saved $36.10 at the commissary for this month. There weren't very good sales this time, but still I'd rather have the 36 bucks than give it away. Church pot-luck tomorrow. Spanish theme. I'm bringing burritos enchilada style. lol I'm considering investing in the Tums company. Hubby is going through them like crazy. I wish I could put my thoughts together better but right now I can't. It seems that all I can do is keep on keepin on. I'm just going through the motions. I'm sorry. I hope to be myself again soon.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Hi. Just to let you know I'm running a little crazy right now. Several unexpected things have come up and I'll be back hopefully Saturday. Still no news on the other.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007


I have run crazy today. So many things to do. Not enough time to do them. It works out very nicely that my husband is in the field this week so, that I can really concentrate on these other things and have them done before he gets back. So everything that I had to do today and then I fell up the stairs on the way in and hurt myself. lol I sure wished Alan was home to comfort me. Well, still waiting on the other news. We did hear that we will be hearing soon. How reassuring.