Sunday, March 1, 2015

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Way Back Machine Please!

I don't understand the concept of play dates.  Play date is scheduled.  At my house I get it, at their house I don't.  There doesn't seem to be a protocol.  Do I stay with her?  Can I leave and do other things? Should I leave and do other things?  You know?  Do they want me to stay?  Do they not?   What is the appropriate length of time for a play date?  When I was a kid we just went out and played with the neighborhood kids.   If there were fights or problems we went home.  We worked it out in time and did fine. If you lived farther away, your mom dropped you off and told the other mom when she'd pick you up and there you had it.  Why isn't that so easy anymore?  I wish I could get in Mr. Peadbody's way-back machine and take my daughter back to the 70's when life made much more sense.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Life aint Easy

Living here in El Paso has been hard.  I love the weather and I like our house.  The problem has been a lack of any kind of meaningful friendship.  Those of you (both of you readers) who know me know that I am anything but superficial.  I want to have people I can hang with, do things with and be real with. I don't do shallow and have little desire to hang with people who are about as deep as a puddle. I haven't found that kind of friendship here.  The real friends I have from other places are hearing from me a lot.  I really appreciate them.  No one seems to want to get to know me here.  I can live a solitary lifestyle.  I am completely capable of introverting.  I have a world I can retreat into and it's really quite lovely.  I could do that if I could just find one person to connect with and maybe one little area of ministry.  The other problem is that I am the mother of an extrovert.  She is an only child and really needs kids to play with.  We do gymnastics and cheer and have a home-school group she goes to and church of course, but she needs regular playmates to just pal around with and play barbies and jump on the trampoline with!  This we cannot seem to find. There are kids in the neighborhood,, but they don't come outside.  We tried introducing ourselves and got a door slammed in our face for the effort.  I had a really good excuse, their mail was delivered to us by accident.  They refused to take the mail too.  The next week her husband hit me with his car.  I stopped introducing myself.  Lesson learned.   We find the rare playdate, but mostly I just hear how busy people are.  When do their children play?  I hear about karate and going here and there, homeschool lessons and special classes for this and that, but when do the kids get downtime?  When do they play dress up and cops and robbers?  No wonder they're all fat and in therapy.  They never play!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

World Trade Center Memorial

While we were in NYC last June for the wedding, we had a chance to go to the memorial at the World Trade Center.  It was touching and haunting and crowded and so sad.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Fun Surprise

Our last duty station was at Ft. Leavenworth where Alan attended CGSC which is the Command and General Staff College.  At his graduation in June we were surprised to find Gary Sinese as one of the presenters!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Alaina the Flower-girl!

This past summer Alan's niece was married in New York and Alaina was asked to be a flower-girl!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Through It All

"I've had many tears and sorrows, I've had questions for tomorrow, There've been times I didn't know right from wrong. But in every situation, God gave blessed consolation that my trials come to only make me strong.
I've been to lots of places and I've seen a lot of faces, There've been times I felt so all alone. But in my lonely hours, yes these precious lonely hours Jesus lets me know I am His own.
Through it all, through it all, I've learned to trust in Jesus. I've learned to trust in God. Through it all, through it all, I've learned to depend upon His word.
Words by Andre Crouch. Song of my heart.

Back to Homeschooling too!

So, when we got here the wife of the man who owns our house was saying something about it being almost time for school to start.  It was mid-July and I felt a bit of irritation with her for rushing things. Where I come from, school didn't start until the end of August or even September, and I'm not one of those mothers who looks forward to her child going back to school.  I miss her when she's gone!  Anyway, I said something about having several weeks yet to which she (a school teacher in the district) quite shocked said no it starts Monday!  Turns out they have year-round schooling here.  They also have uniforms and so our Moving truck arrived on Wednesday and we headed out on  Friday to get school supplies and uniforms!  So Alaina started school.  But it wasn't like the school we'd had at our last duty station.  The school here is so far behind that they were covering things in 2nd grade that she'd done in first.  There were many problems including the fact that the teacher swears at the class, and so we pulled her out to homeschool.  She is doing so much better in homeschooling too!  I love that I can spend extra time on things she needs to work on and less on stuff that comes easily!  I love getting to spend all that extra time with her.  I really missed her when she was at school!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Back to Blogging?

So, fast forward over a year.  When the last picture was posted we lived in Tacoma, Washington and were stationed at Ft. Lewis, then we moved to Ft. Leavenworth and now we are at Ft. Bliss which is in El Paso.  We are the exception to the rule for Army moving.  We are coming up on our 12th anniversary and have moved 10 times.  Yay us.  This constant moving does however prevent one from having lots of clutter in the house.  If I don't need it.  I don't keep it.  I throw bags of stuff out or donate before each move and as I unpack I get rid of bags more.  LOL  God knows me!  I'm normally a pack rat, but I'm just too lazy to keep all that stuff.  And then too, I did marry Mr. Clean, minimalist guy.  I have yet to meet or know anyone that then meets Alan and doesn't say, "Well THAT's not the guy I pictured you with!"  lol  God knew me there too.  Better than I know myself.  So here we are in El Paso.  Let me show you the house we found!  By the way we Got here in July of 2014.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Before and After Shots

I'm not to my goal weight yet, but I wanted to show my progress!

Friday, July 13, 2012

6 Days Post-OP

I'm sick as a dog.  I have headaches that prevent me from resting.  My stomach is upset and it hurts.  Yesterday, the doctor re-glued my skin where it was leaking, but that glue is coming up.  It's not leaking yet.  I'll have to watch it.  Alan has gone to get my sister.  They'll be here soon.  I tried to advance from clear liquids to full liquids today.  In 30 minutes time I ate about 2 teaspoons of sugar free chocolate pudding,  I'm not sure it was that great for me but I kept it down.  I'm just going to blog what I'm doing, what I've done, and how it is for me.  This is my experience.  All others will be different.  I hate being sick all the time.  I hate  being in pain.  This is misery, and no, it's not the "easy" way out.  All this does is make you miserable and prevent you from cheating on your diet.  I need to get in 48 ounces of liquids every day.  I haven't gotten in that much yet.  I hope I don't dehydrate.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Second Day At Home

So today I went back to see the doctor because one of my incisions was leaking quite a bit.  Apparently the residents never bothered to inform him that I was having this issue.  I imagine it will be a teaching point.  Anyway, he glued me back together (definitely better than stitches or staples) and now I'm back home.  Still just taking clear liquids, but have chosen to ramp it up to chicken broth tonight!  Yep, I've hit the big times now!  Please continue to pray for me.  That the headaches will not come back and that the pain will continue to diminish.  Pray for my husband too.  He's trying so hard to do it all and I love him for it!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

First Day Home From Gastric By-pass Surgery

I got to come home from the hospital today.  I'm still in a lot of pain and I can't seem to rest because I get a headache when I try to do that.  I want to post this poem that I found on Connie's Facebook site.  This is where I am.

I refuse to be discouraged,
To be sad, or to cry;
I refuse to be downhearted,
and here’s the reason why…

I have a God who’s mighty,
Who’s sovereign and supreme;
I have a God who loves me,
and I am on His team.

He is all wise and powerful,
Jesus is His name;
Though everything is changeable,
My God remains the same.

My God knows all that’s happening;
Beginning to the end,
His presence is my comfort,
He is my dearest friend.

When sickness comes to weaken me,
To bring my head down low,
I call upon my mighty God;
Into His arms I go.

When circumstances threaten
to rob me from my peace;
He draws me close unto His breast,
Where all my strivings cease.

And when my heart melts within me,
and weakness takes control;
He gathers me into His arms,
He soothes my heart and soul.

The great “I AM” is with me,
My life is in His hand,
The “Son of the Lord” is my hope,
It’s in His strength I stand.

I refuse to be defeated,
My eyes are on my God;
He has promised to be with me,
as through this life I trod.

I’m looking past all my circumstances,
To Heaven’s throne above;
My prayers have reached
the heart of God,
I’m resting in His love.

I give God thanks in everything,
My eyes are on His face;
The battle’s His, the victory is mine;
He’ll help me win the race.

—- by Lita Kurtzer