Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sarah Palin And Her Clothes

Does anyone remember all the accusations running around the news rooms when Sarah Palin was the Republican nominee for Vice President? The ones I'm referring to were about the amount of money spent on clothes for her and the Palin family. They were accusing her of demanding all the clothes and demanding expensive clothes etc. etc. She denied having requested anything except for,"maybe a Diet Dr. Pepper."

Well now the truth has come out. She has been vindicated. I don't get much of American news out here, but I'm betting you don't see this on the news. If you do, please let me know where and what was said. According to this article, the clothes were bought by the RNC (Republican National Committee) and all of the purchases were legal. “The RNC states that it used its own funds to make the expenditures for the clothing and accessories. . . . We have no information to the contrary. As such, no candidate funds were converted to ‘personal use,’ ” it said. Please go to the article and read the entire thing. It isn't long and wont take much time, but is so worth it.

The sad/really annoying thing is that if they had found she had broken the law or lied or something, it would be headline news. All over the internet etc. No, I doubt it makes the news at all.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Ignorance Continues

Boris you are as ignorant as you are crude. You are welcome to post a comment any time, but you are not welcome to be rude and crude. Websters dictionary defines theory as,"A proposed explanation whose status is still conjectural, in contrast to well established propositions that are regarded as reporting matters of actual fact." "Guess or conjecture."

I defy you to offer any proof. They have never found any missing link. They have never proven to anyone that life evolved from ooze.

I attended a Christian college. They did not teach evolution. It was discussed but only as an unproven theory. I also was a nursing major in a non Christian school. Evolution was not even discussed in any of the many science classes I took. Aside from that you cannot state that every Christian college teaches evolution as you clearly have not researched every Christian college. The Christian academic community, as a whole, has never rejected creationism.

The Bible does not say the earth is flat. Have you even read the Bible? You say,"No Protestant denomination accepted the findings of Galileo and Copernicus until 1835." That isn't true as Columbus had already discovered the world was not flat LONG before that.

You are so filled with hate. Why? No one is forcing anything on you. You came to this blog of your own will. If you don't like what you read don't read it. How simple. How easy! All you have done here is prove your ignorance. You state things that cannot be. You stated, "No Protestant denomination accepted the findings of Galileo and Copernicus until 1835. " You cannot know that as fact. I don't believe that you even know what all the protestant denominations were at that time, and I don't believe for one minute that you bothered to take the time to research the writings of every church. No, you choose to believe what others tell you without seeing for yourself if it's true.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Joy Behar Shows Her Ignorance

Joy Behar of the "View" stated on Tuesday's show that Darwins theory of evolution is "fact". This is not the first time she has run her mouth when she doesn't know what she's talking about. Clearly Behar cannot be bothered to do any research before attempting to claim her opinions are known facts. The theory of evolution is just that. A theory. It is nothing more than Darwin's idea of how things came to be. Evolution has NEVER been proven. I believe in the Biblical account of creation. I am truly happy that Joy left teaching, as ignorant teachers are part of the problems we have in America today. I don't mind ANYONE stating their OPINION about anything. I do however, have a serious problem with so many people in America today stating their opinions as facts, saying that "everyone" feels the same as the speaker or worse that "educated" "inteligent" or "smart" people in America agree with whatever they are saying. If you have an opinion and wish to state it do so, but please don't attribute it to the rest of us.

I also wish to say that I agree with the current (she may not be for long) Miss California USA who when asked stated that she feels marriage ought to be between a man and a woman. That poor woman! Asked her opinion in the Miss USA contest she gave her honest opinion. Now she is being persecuted for it. Was anyone else asked such a controversial question? I found it laughable that some of the people in California say she shouldn't represent their state because that is not representative of the way everyone in California feels. Well, please explain to me how one person is supposed to represent 2 very differing points of view? And didn't California just put gay marriage to a vote and it got voted down? So then doesn't her opinion represent the majority of the people anyway? Seriously, are the leftists in California so open minded that their brains have leaked out?

Back to Behar. The topic they were discussing when this came up was that a teacher in California was successfully sued by a student for making the statement that creationism is nothing but superstitious nonsense. Read the article here. No really, read it. It's short and worth the read. Everyone seemed to be against the teacher belittling the student's religious beliefs, but Behar argued with Sheri who is teaching her son creationism. Behar argued that "they have proof" about Darwinism and not about creationism. "All the scientists in the world" believe in Darwinism. Balderdash! Many of the world's finest scientists do not believe in evolution, because it has not been proven and there is NO proof. It is the fanciful theory of an agnostic. (Yes, I said agnostic. His views of religion seem to indicate that he felt all religions should be equal. Such a person may believe in a higher being, but clearly didn't feel it had much if anything to do with him). While I in my humanness cannot scientifically prove creationism, I look at a baby coming out of his mother and in no way can believe that this whole process began by something crawling out of primordial ooze. I believe the Bible. Everything else in it has been true. The Lord has proven Himself to me. I need no other evidence. It's called faith.

Friday, May 1, 2009


We went to England for 10 days in April. We stayed at the Strand Palace Hotel. The hotel is in a good location. Only 2 blocks from covent garden. We went to the London Hard Rock Cafe of course. Saw Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, the town of Bath, the Tower of London and took a cruise on the Thames. Here are some pictures from our trip.