Monday, March 9, 2015

A Light At The End Of The Tunnel And No It Isn't A Train

Although for a minute there I thought it was.  We've had such a rough time of it since we moved here. Haven't found many friends and then when we think we've made a friend they find out Alan is a field grade officer and we never see them again.  The thing is, we don't care about all that.  We are not the type of people who care what your rank is.  While we have to observe military protocol insomuch as we could not socialize with anyone enlisted who is in Alan's chain of command, that does not include very many people because he has transferred to public affairs.  Public affairs is a small area of the Army and in his current position he doesn't supervise all that many people.  Not like when he was a company commander.

So, back to the light.  We have made friends!  I've met a few lovely ladies who are Godly women - really love the Lord not just that church lady on Sunday business - and they have kids our age!  And they're willing to let them play!  Even though they lead busy lives!  Isn't it amazing!  Alaina has an average of one play date a week at this point!  We have a family of friends coming over next week to jump on the trampoline and play!  Next week is spring break you see.  Then another day we are meeting a group of people at the zoo!  Praise the Lord!  She is getting her need met for playmates and I am getting mine met for grown-up, meaningful conversation!

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