Friday, February 27, 2015

Life aint Easy

Living here in El Paso has been hard.  I love the weather and I like our house.  The problem has been a lack of any kind of meaningful friendship.  Those of you (both of you readers) who know me know that I am anything but superficial.  I want to have people I can hang with, do things with and be real with. I don't do shallow and have little desire to hang with people who are about as deep as a puddle. I haven't found that kind of friendship here.  The real friends I have from other places are hearing from me a lot.  I really appreciate them.  No one seems to want to get to know me here.  I can live a solitary lifestyle.  I am completely capable of introverting.  I have a world I can retreat into and it's really quite lovely.  I could do that if I could just find one person to connect with and maybe one little area of ministry.  The other problem is that I am the mother of an extrovert.  She is an only child and really needs kids to play with.  We do gymnastics and cheer and have a home-school group she goes to and church of course, but she needs regular playmates to just pal around with and play barbies and jump on the trampoline with!  This we cannot seem to find. There are kids in the neighborhood,, but they don't come outside.  We tried introducing ourselves and got a door slammed in our face for the effort.  I had a really good excuse, their mail was delivered to us by accident.  They refused to take the mail too.  The next week her husband hit me with his car.  I stopped introducing myself.  Lesson learned.   We find the rare playdate, but mostly I just hear how busy people are.  When do their children play?  I hear about karate and going here and there, homeschool lessons and special classes for this and that, but when do the kids get downtime?  When do they play dress up and cops and robbers?  No wonder they're all fat and in therapy.  They never play!

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