Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sarah Palin And Her Clothes

Does anyone remember all the accusations running around the news rooms when Sarah Palin was the Republican nominee for Vice President? The ones I'm referring to were about the amount of money spent on clothes for her and the Palin family. They were accusing her of demanding all the clothes and demanding expensive clothes etc. etc. She denied having requested anything except for,"maybe a Diet Dr. Pepper."

Well now the truth has come out. She has been vindicated. I don't get much of American news out here, but I'm betting you don't see this on the news. If you do, please let me know where and what was said. According to this article, the clothes were bought by the RNC (Republican National Committee) and all of the purchases were legal. “The RNC states that it used its own funds to make the expenditures for the clothing and accessories. . . . We have no information to the contrary. As such, no candidate funds were converted to ‘personal use,’ ” it said. Please go to the article and read the entire thing. It isn't long and wont take much time, but is so worth it.

The sad/really annoying thing is that if they had found she had broken the law or lied or something, it would be headline news. All over the internet etc. No, I doubt it makes the news at all.

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