Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Joy Behar Shows Her Ignorance

Joy Behar of the "View" stated on Tuesday's show that Darwins theory of evolution is "fact". This is not the first time she has run her mouth when she doesn't know what she's talking about. Clearly Behar cannot be bothered to do any research before attempting to claim her opinions are known facts. The theory of evolution is just that. A theory. It is nothing more than Darwin's idea of how things came to be. Evolution has NEVER been proven. I believe in the Biblical account of creation. I am truly happy that Joy left teaching, as ignorant teachers are part of the problems we have in America today. I don't mind ANYONE stating their OPINION about anything. I do however, have a serious problem with so many people in America today stating their opinions as facts, saying that "everyone" feels the same as the speaker or worse that "educated" "inteligent" or "smart" people in America agree with whatever they are saying. If you have an opinion and wish to state it do so, but please don't attribute it to the rest of us.

I also wish to say that I agree with the current (she may not be for long) Miss California USA who when asked stated that she feels marriage ought to be between a man and a woman. That poor woman! Asked her opinion in the Miss USA contest she gave her honest opinion. Now she is being persecuted for it. Was anyone else asked such a controversial question? I found it laughable that some of the people in California say she shouldn't represent their state because that is not representative of the way everyone in California feels. Well, please explain to me how one person is supposed to represent 2 very differing points of view? And didn't California just put gay marriage to a vote and it got voted down? So then doesn't her opinion represent the majority of the people anyway? Seriously, are the leftists in California so open minded that their brains have leaked out?

Back to Behar. The topic they were discussing when this came up was that a teacher in California was successfully sued by a student for making the statement that creationism is nothing but superstitious nonsense. Read the article here. No really, read it. It's short and worth the read. Everyone seemed to be against the teacher belittling the student's religious beliefs, but Behar argued with Sheri who is teaching her son creationism. Behar argued that "they have proof" about Darwinism and not about creationism. "All the scientists in the world" believe in Darwinism. Balderdash! Many of the world's finest scientists do not believe in evolution, because it has not been proven and there is NO proof. It is the fanciful theory of an agnostic. (Yes, I said agnostic. His views of religion seem to indicate that he felt all religions should be equal. Such a person may believe in a higher being, but clearly didn't feel it had much if anything to do with him). While I in my humanness cannot scientifically prove creationism, I look at a baby coming out of his mother and in no way can believe that this whole process began by something crawling out of primordial ooze. I believe the Bible. Everything else in it has been true. The Lord has proven Himself to me. I need no other evidence. It's called faith.


Boris said...

FYI evolution by natural selection is as much of a fact as the earth is round. A theory is an explanation of the facts and the Theory of Evolution explains the facts of evolution and common descent. The asininity of creationism is reflected by the fact that every CHRISTIAN college and university with a science department teaches evolution and most have for over a century. The entire Christian academic community has rejected creationism and its pseudo-scientific hoax Intelligent Design magic and continues to distance itself from this religious nonsense. Bible believers want to force their religious lies and nonsense into our public school science classes when their own entire academic community has rejected it.

The Bible says the earth is flat, immovable and sits on a foundation supported by pillars while the sun hurries across the sky. Unless someone stops it! No Protestant denomination accepted the findings of Galileo and Copernicus until 1835. Two centuries after scientists proved the world was round Protestants still held to the flat immovable earth clearly described in the Bible. Claiming that evolution is not supported by facts is no different than claiming the earth's roundness isn't supported by facts. Globe trotting Army Wife has obviously never left the United States because her kind of scientific imbecility only exists in the United States.

Rebecca said...

Boris I thank you for visiting my blog. If you wish to comment again please do so in a respectful manner. If you don't, I will have to remove your comment. I don't mind your disagreeing. I mind the hate, dishonesty and rudeness.

Anonymous said...

Good for you, Rebecca. Boris has many of his "facts", ideas, statements completely incorrect. Actually, many countries outside of our "western" ways, find the idea of evolution bizarre. (I have the privilege of working with many brilliant people from all over the world.) Having gone to a "Christian University" myself, I have to say that his statement that "every Christian college or university teaches evolution" is false, as I have witnessed personally. I'm also curious as to why he would state as a fact that "The entire Christian academic community has rejected creationism" as that is an incredibly ignorant statement. And yes, I am highly educated myself, and believe strongly in One God being the only Creator of the cosmos, One Son of God, and One true Savior. Our founding fathers would roll over in their graves if they could hear the teachings of our public schools in science classrooms today. Thank you for your braveness, Rebecca, and thank you for your support of your husband and our Country "under God".

Pam said...

Boris must not realize where you live. Did you notice his sublte way of putting American's down? That seems to be a theme these days, only emboldened by our so called president, who himself apologizes for this great country day after day. Disagreement with someone is fine, but hatefulness is not necessary. Yet the very people who are so full of hate, accuse those of us who try to follow the teachings of Christ as being hatemongers. This world has toppled upside down! Now what should be considered good and peaceful is considered wrong!

Rebecca said...

Yes America is confused these days and if left to his own devices I feel Obama will run us into the ground. And they though Bush was bad.

Rebecca said...

And yes he does seem to think Americans are all stupid which just furthers my assertion of his ignorance.

Anonymous said...

"I need no other evidence. It's called faith."

Faith by definition is belief in something for which there is NO EVIDENCE.

"Evolution has NEVER been proven."

Yes it has. Why do you think you get a flu shot every year?

Rebecca said...

"Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see." Hebrews 11:1

There is plenty of evidence for God and His creation.

Evolution has not one shred of proof and you cannot show that it does.

You are a coward for commenting annonymously.

You assume too much to say that I get a flu shot every year, and flu shots have nothing to do with humans coming from primordial ooze.

Get an education, read the Bible, get to know the Lord, please don't be a fool.

There are many definitions for faith in Webster's dictionary. Yours is only one of them. I am using the first definition which says faith is confidence or trust in a person or thing. I have confidence in the Lord Jesus Christ and that what He says is true. His words have been documented by many.

templeH said...

A good post!

It is true that we can't scientifically prove that creation happened - but it is also true that it cannot be scientifically proven that the big bang occurred either. To prove something using the scientific method you need to be able to reproduce it in a lab with controlled variables. Neither account of creation can be so tested.

Science has attempted to remove a single variable from all of its research, and in doing so has created a larger problem for themselves. In removing God as a variable from any scientific explanation, they need to rely on what they can see to come up with answers for the big questions in life - and they often come up with some pretty ridiculous answers.

I was watching "The Known Universe" on National Geographic channel. It was a show about energy, and the explanation that they gave for the big bang contradicted itself. They first said that before the big bang there was nothing. Then they said that there was actually something, about the size of an atom, and that in a hundredth of a hundredth of a second it expanded billions of light years across and everything that is and ever will be was created. I can't even fathom how an intelligent person can believe something like this.

You should check out "The Truth Project" by Focus on the Family. It does a fantastic job of showing the folly of those who have a different take on truth than that of Christ Jesus.