Sunday, December 16, 2007


We had a long but wonderful weekend traveling around. We went to Metz in France and visited their Christmas market. Last year, we were wandering around France and when we decided to eat we were near the town of Metz. We found parking and a nice restaurant. After we ate we went walking around the shopping area and came across a wonderful Christmas market. So, this year we decided to go back. We walked around and bought some lovely ornaments, sampled the muled wine (it was freezing cold and the mulled wine was much better than what you get in Germany) bought some home made soaps that smell wonderful and enjoyed the atmosphere. We found a wonderful little Italian restaurant for dinner and then drove back to our hotel. We did some shopping in Kaiserslautern and met Dawn and her husband for lunch on Saturday. This was the first time we had met in person. They were interesting and intelligent and we had a good time. I currently (and all weekend) have had a pinched nerve in my back so that has been a trial. Please pray that it gets better before I go to Guatemala.

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Jungle Mom said...

yikes! back problems are not fun on long flights
Merry Christmas!