Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord!

That's the song I woke up singing this morning. Not so strange you might think, but let me go back a few days.

Wavy lines as time moves back.

Sunday morning I awoke early mad at the world. Now typically I'm not a cheerful morning person anyway. I'm generally grumpy and cranky and definaltely want to be left alone. (Currently I really wish the spell check thing on here would get it's act together) I was resentful toward my husband and the more I thought about it the angrier I got. (He certainly did not deserve all the anger and resentment building up) Then it hit me. It's Sunday morning. Because of being in the hospital, I have not been to church since Palm Sunday. I realized that the Lord must have something for me at church for me to be in such a foul mood. This is not the first time I've been dangerous on a Sunday and when I've allowed it to overtake me I've missed out on what God had planned and spent the next week kicking myself. I prayed about it. Telling the Lord that I didn't want to be so angry etc. So I cuddled up with Alan and told him I was mad and wanted to kick the cat and be in charge of the world so stupid things would stop happening etc. Alan found this quite amusing. A long story short my mood disapated. We went to church. (Our first time at the new post) I could feel the Spirit of the Lord there and He had such freedom! I've missed that so much! We had such a wonderful worship service. I was so blessed by it.

Wavy lines as we go back to the present.

Each day so far the Lord's Spirit has been so close to me. My heart has sung His praises as the day goes by. You see I'm not a happy morning person to the point where when I see one I think, "freak". So for me to wake up singing is a miracle in deed. Blessed be the Name of the Lord! May His Spirit be close to you today.


Janie said...

We all have our moments!!!! Glad you are singing His praises!


I pray you days of singing in the morning will continue. It sure makes the days so smoother. I am so glad you enjoyed going to church. I love going to church. I feel so at home and close to the Lord and yet, I feel just as close at home in my bedroom. So it is great to be alive and knowing that Jesus is my Lord. So glad you are feeling much better. connie from Texas

Pam said...

Boy can I relate! I am definitely not a morning person either. I think you hit the nail on the head when you mentioned missing church for such a long period. We all know it was not by your choice, but yet the fellowship hadn't been there and being under the Word had been missing from your life as you went through the surgery, etc. I think the realization of how it affected you will help you in further instances. I'm so happy we do have the Holy Spirit to speak to our hearts and gently nudge or push us in the right direction.
I've always heard, If you are busy praising, you aren't able to complain! Makes sense doesn't it?
Have a blessed weekend.