Monday, April 21, 2008

Does God Laugh?

We all know that "Jesus Wept". The book of Luke tells us about how He wept at the grave of Lazarus. But, does God laugh? Of course I suppose so since He created laughter and He is everything but this is why I ask.

We had a situation the other day that I may blog about at a later time. Now, anyone who knows me knows that the battle of the tongue is one that I will have until Christ comes for His own. I have been the queen of telling people off if they need it and of course I have always been the one to decide if they need it or not. If you're one like me you know exactly what I mean. So anyway, days ahead we knew this situation was coming. I had been praying about it since I first knew. The last time I prayed about it before the situation came, I asked the Lord to help us (me) glorify Him and that we (I) should act like a child of King of Kings. A few hours after this situation came and went, (I didn't do too bad but it could have been better) I was bringing take-out home and I began to think about how I'd done and how it hadn't gone quite as well as I'd hoped. (God was definately there. It could have been much worse.) I thought of the prayer I'd prayed and wondered(with my history)if God hears this kind of prayer from me and has a Godly little chuckle out of it. I wonder if He calls over the angels and says, "Angels you gotta hear this one! It's her again! She's asking for tongue control again! You know she isn't gonna let me hold her tongue!" Now please understand I'm not being disrespectful to God. I mean no disrespect at all. I just wonder from time to time if God just sits there and chuckles and says, "Oh daughter. if you'd just let me you could not imagine the things I could do for you and with you." It sounds a little sad really, but then I think too that God says, "She fails a lot, but she's still in there trying. When she falls down she's quit wallowing in it and cries out to me for help. She has faith. She knows I wont fail her. She's trying to be like Jesus. She gets attacked a lot, but she holds on." My Father knows me so much better than I know myself. Which of course is why I think He laughs when He hears some of my prayers. Does anyone get what I'm saying?

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