Friday, April 25, 2008

Help When You Need It.

The other day I went to the commissary. I hadn't been to the commissary in oh I don't know 2 months? (We've been eating at the mess hall a lot as I have not been up to cooking) That morning I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Not incredibly uncommon for me but still I was in a particularly foul mood. That mood persisted all day. Couldn't ditch it. I sat there in the car cranky as could be and prayed something to the effect of,"Lord, I really need a blessing today. I don't want to feel this way. I just need your help right now." Fast forward about 5 min. I'm in the commissary investigating what turned out to be a killer deal on cereal and milk and a lady I don't know came up to me asking about my coupon book. She said, "I know this sounds strange, but you just look so nice and approachable." She wanted to know about how I get my coupons and how to use them and my book and savings etc. All things I'm very passionate about. So I gave her a short tutorial, showed her where the coupon box was in the commissary and explained my strategy of using coupons combined with sales to get rock bottom prices or free. She thanked me and went on about her business. Now who doesn't like getting compliments? Pulled me out of that mood and fast. I can't tell you how amazed I was again at how well Jesus knows me. He knew just what I needed and when to send it. He had already started answering my prayer before I prayed it. I know this because the woman was already on her way to the store when I prayed. Then, a few minutes later another lady said to me something to the effect of Wow, you're really organized and asked a few questions. Both ladies were very friendly and both mentioned how nice and approachable they thought I seemed. lol Now, yes the thought did cross my mind,"Yeah nice and approachable as a rabid pit bull," but, it just amazed me how a few kind words from a stranger could make such a difference.


Pam said...

Oh so sweet of our Lord! Have you ever heard of or read the book of describing the 5 Love Languages? It may be thay yours is the gift of words. I know mine is. I just love it when someone takes time to tell me something positive about myself. I think due to me being so hard on myself!
A rabid pit bull huh? YIKES! At least you were able to see God's blessing and care through the small deeds of those ladies. Many would have overlooked the blessing of it all.

Rebecca said...

You know Pam, I did see God's blessing in this. After I spoke to the first lady I was feeling so much better and I could just feel the presence of the Lord. I could feel Him in what had just happened and I just felt so blessed by that! I have not read that book, but I've been hearing about it from a lot of different sources so perhaps I should look in to it.