Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New Church

So we found a new church. A brochure was dropped into our mail slot at the house advertising a church just outside of post that caters to the military. It's Grace Baptist church. One thing we have really missed while here in Germany has been being a part of a regular church. Going to chapel is nice, and I'm glad we at least have had that. But, it's not the same as a regular church family. At the chapel people are from all sorts of Christian denominations and thus it's a very general service so as not to offend anyone. At least that's the impression I have. We have gone to Grace 2 Sundays now. They have morning and evening services, Sunday school, a nice nursary for Alaina with care workers that actually seem to like children. The one at the chapel had paid care givers who seemed to me to be more interested in talking to each other than looking after the kids, and they had kids ages 0-4 in the same small room. They were supposed to separate them, but when I asked about this they said they didn't want to even though there were more than 20 children in the room. Alaina went one time and I went and got her after an hour because the big kids were just running the place over. Anyway, she seems to be ok in the nursary until she sees us. Then she comes as fast as she can crying. lol Well, when she gets used to the idea and realizes that mommy and papa are coming back it wont be so bad. They also have home groups. We have not gone to these as they start at 1830 on Wednesdays and Alan generally doesn't get home until then or close so it doesn't work out. The pastor and his wife are missionaries to the military (I think) and the service is in English and really it's just like a church back home. I'm quite pleased that they still sing hymns. Some of the worship songs today are a bit confusing. Anyway, we are so glad to go! We found some old friends from Ft. Sill there and are excited to see them again. Also it starts at 1045 instead of 0900 so it's nice to not have to get up so early. While we are not of the Baptist denomination and don't agree with every detail of their faith, our beliefs are similar and both evangelical and we are glad to have the fellowship of other evangelical believers.



I am so happy that you have found a church where you can feel more at home. There is nothing that takes the place of a church family. I don't know what I would do without mine. Hope it all works out well for you all. Give your little one a big hug for me. She is growing so much. connie from texas

Pam said...

I hope you "gel" well there. I loved the church website. We have many friends who attended the same school as your pastor. It is so important having a church family and church home in time of difficulties- especially abroad!