Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Our Trip Part One

Ok. So, now that we are all healthy and happy and better rested, I can tell you about our trip. We left for the States to have baby Alaina dedicated and for her to get a chance to meet her grandmas. Once again, Alaina did quite well on the flights. We flew from Nurenberg to Paris to Atanta to Oklahoma. The Paris airport is a nightmare avoid it if at all possible. I wont go into all the details but the staff there doesn't know anything and they seem to like to send you on wild goose chases. When we got off the plane in Atlanta, the people around us were saying what a good baby Alaina is. They had been worried, as I might have been, when they got on a transatlantic flight and saw they were next to a baby. Once back in the States we had to go through another immigration snafu because the boarder patrol is not educated in their own paperwork. It's pretty bad when American citizens have trouble getting in to their own country because boarder patrol doesn't know what it's doing. Only one suitcase made it to Atlanta. When we arrived in Oklahoma we were so glad to be there and we were quite excited to see that Alaina's stroller and car seat had arrived as well as her suit case. Our suit cases had not arrived, but that's better than hers not showing up. We eventually got our suitcases the next afternoon. So we get to the hotel and we were sitting on our bed eating our Whataburger sandwiches when Alaina squeezed the carton the ketchup came in and it went all over the bed and her. White bed spread don't ya know. So, then of course the hotel had given away our crib even though we had a late check in scheduled and had called from Atlanta to assure it would be there. We had to put her on a fold away cot and my husband had the great idea to squeeze it in between the wall and our bed, and block it on one end with the easy chair and on the other end by keeping one end of the bed folded up. We had been up way over 24 hours at this point and so we all slept well. The next day was Saturday and we visited a former pastor and his wife and drove around town to see how things had changed since we had been there. By evening, all of our family had arrived that was coming and we all went out to eat. We ate and visited and played with the kids. More tomorrow


Janie said...

So glad Alaina did well on the flights! That is a long trip! We will need some pictures of her dedication and some of your get togethers! Glad you are back in the blogging world, though. I sure missed you!

Carrie said...

You were so close to me and I didn't even know it. LOL. I am glad that you had a wonderful visit, I cant wait to hear the rest of the details.
Carrie in Southern OK


I am so glad everything went well and you all had a good time and made so many wonderful memories. connie