Thursday, June 21, 2012

Polishing The Silver

Today as I was cleaning out the laundry room/pantry/butler's pantry I came across an old silver platter of my mother's.  As we were unpacking a few months ago, a lot of things got put in there that we weren't sure where to put.  This platter had been put with a metal one and was severely tarnished.  So much so that I had to search carefully for the mark on the back indicating it really is silver.   As I began to polish it, I worked on one section at a time.  I'd spread polish on all of it to soften it, but I could only work on one part at a time.  As I polished the beauty of the platter began to show.  In the heart of the platter were carvings that required more diligent work.  Just as I thought I was done, I realized the other side was just as tarnished and so I started again.  When I was finished I took it to the sink and washed it in hot, soapy water and the shine was brilliant!  It was so beautiful!  How proud I was of it!  How excited I am to use it!  How serviceable it will be!  No doubt there will be times I will have to polish tarnish off that starts to come back on, but I love that platter and will keep after it.

As I pulled out the polish and began to work on it I was reminded again of our Father's work with us.  I had already redeemed the platter, but it was ugly and couldn't be used in the condition I'd found it. So it is with us. He has already redeemed us, but He must polish us one section at a time.  At our heart there are scars that require extra time and attention to make them beautiful, but as He is polishing us, our worth and beauty become apparent.  What was once considered ugly and of little value is now shining like the Son!  And when He is finished!  What beauty!  What usefulness!  How He must love us to take the time to polish us so He can use us!  I just love that he looks at us and sees through the dross of our souls to the potential we have in Him!  A person the world thinks is worthless, useless, ugly, disgusting, smelly...He loves and sees the value!

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