Sunday, February 22, 2015

Back to Homeschooling too!

So, when we got here the wife of the man who owns our house was saying something about it being almost time for school to start.  It was mid-July and I felt a bit of irritation with her for rushing things. Where I come from, school didn't start until the end of August or even September, and I'm not one of those mothers who looks forward to her child going back to school.  I miss her when she's gone!  Anyway, I said something about having several weeks yet to which she (a school teacher in the district) quite shocked said no it starts Monday!  Turns out they have year-round schooling here.  They also have uniforms and so our Moving truck arrived on Wednesday and we headed out on  Friday to get school supplies and uniforms!  So Alaina started school.  But it wasn't like the school we'd had at our last duty station.  The school here is so far behind that they were covering things in 2nd grade that she'd done in first.  There were many problems including the fact that the teacher swears at the class, and so we pulled her out to homeschool.  She is doing so much better in homeschooling too!  I love that I can spend extra time on things she needs to work on and less on stuff that comes easily!  I love getting to spend all that extra time with her.  I really missed her when she was at school!

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