Monday, November 19, 2007

Banking Problems

OK, we're back from a long weekend away. Here is an update on the money situation. We asked the bank to wire money to our attorney in Guatemala in September. Two weeks later when it had not been received, we asked the bank to trace it. They said they would. They said to give them two weeks to trace it because it takes time. More than two weeks after that we went in and asked why we had not been contacted. They had never traced the money. They said it turns out that their fax machine was not working when they sent the fax and apparently wasn't working for two weeks and so it never went through. When we asked why no one had checked in over two weeks on the progress they kept saying well the original fax didn't go through. I questioned the rarity of a busy bank only faxing one thing in two weeks time because if it wasn't working I would think that some one would have called and said hey you said you were sending a fax and I never got it. Interesting how that never happened and they never noticed it until we went in there and asked for answers. They are currently claiming it isn't their fault because they sent the money. We contend that if they money was not received they are still responsible. They are refusing to reimburse us. We finally got in contact with the bank that owns them which is Bank of America. The home office says that the bank here on post never did anything until the day I went down there and demanded an answer. They are currently trying to find it.



Rebecca,I am still praying that it will all work out without any lasting bad effects. God bless you. connie from Texas

Pam said...

Oh dear! Keep quoting or reading Phillippians 4:8&9!!