Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Well, the bread turned out so nicely that I'm baking another loaf today. I'd show you a picture but it got eaten rather quickly so there is nothing left to show. lol

I said good bye today to another friend from PWOC. She has a 2 week old baby and she and her husband are PCSing today (that's moving to you civilians).

It's Christmas shopping time again. I have most of mine done. Just a little more and I'm through for the year.

I am going to spend Christmas and New Year's day with Alaina. Everything paperwork wise is done now. We are only waiting for the outcome. If any of you are considering international adoption feel free to email me. I have lots of pointers and tips and I know quite a few who have adopted internationally. There are some agencies that are better than others and there are some social workers who are exceptionally good so feel free to ask anytime. I am so ready for her to be here. It's like a part of us is missing and we're not whole until she comes home.

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Morgan said...

It was always sad for me to say goodbye to PCSing families that we know...there is a connection there, and they feel alot like family.
I bet you can't wait to see Alaina! I can only imagine how much you've been missing her!!!