Friday, November 30, 2007

The Long Awaited Spaghettios Post

OK here it is. I love Spaghettios and I have discovered that it is not the junk food that some people purport it to be. Lets take a look at the label.

One serving = 1 cup That's 3 servings to a large can and 2 to a regular sized can.
One serving = 180 calories
1 gram of fat
No trans-fat
5 mg cholesterol ( that is extremely low)
850 mg Sodium (this is the one thing that is not so great about it that = 35%
of the recommended daily value)
3 grams of fiber (that's pretty good)
6 grams of protein (also pretty good)
Vitamin A = 10%
Calcium = 2%
Thiamin = 10%
Niacin = 15%
Iron = 10%
Riboflavin = 15%
Folic Acid = 25% (those of us still wanting to bear children really need this)

Note that the website information and the information on my can differed in regards to the sodium content. The website explains this.

So, if you eat a whole regular sized can (2 servings) you are getting a decent amount, it tastes good and you have only spent 360 calories. Plus you gave yourself 6 grams of fiber, 12 grams of protein, and of course double of all those vitamins and minerals listed above. That's pretty good! Now if you get the kind with added calcium you are increasing your calcium intake per serving to 30% and adding 25% of your Vitamin D.

How is that not healthy? OK now for those of you who are salt sensitive or have congestive heart failure or some problem where salt is an issue that is probably too much salt for you to be taking in at one time. However for the rest of us, Dig In!

OK, now I can hear my sister and see the appalled look on her face. lol I'm sure I'll hear about it later. Post all comments. I'm sure some of you will disagree with me and that's OK, let's just keep it nice.

I am not recommending this as a health food and I am not saying that we should eat this every day. However, for the occasional lunch on the go, I believe it is fine and not unhealthy. I'm saying I personally don't believe it to be a junk food.

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