Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Anyone But Romney

Though I'm not a Democrat, I find myself really excited to see the outcome of the primary elections on their side. This is the first time in America that we have a viable woman and a viable minority up for president. I have one other thing to say about the election. I am a Republican and I always have been. However, if they choose Romney as the Republican candidate I am going to turn Democrat and actively campaign against him. I can't stand him. He has no business being in a leadership position and I felt that way before I knew he was a mormon for anyone who may care. I normally try not to be so controversial on here but this is my blog, my outlet for expression and that is how I feel about it.

In other news I'm enjoying a nice bout with bronchitis and reacting unpleasantly to the antibiotics. I did hear today from one of the friends I made in Guatemala. They are eagerly awaiting their little one too. It's kind of nice to have others to email with that are in the same boat we are. Makes it feel like we're not all alone in this.


Jungle Mom said...

At this point I am a member of the ABC party! Anyone but Clinton! Having said that, I am not happy with any of the Republican choices. But the next president will appoint supreme Court justices and that is important.

Rebecca said...

Supreme court justices are important. Given the choices I choose God. All we can do is pray.