Friday, February 22, 2008

I'm Shocked And Outraged

A word of caution. If there are teenaged girls or any child reading this blog please have your parent read this particular entry before you do. I rarely ask this of anyone but the subject matter is really quite disturbing.


What is this world coming to? I saw this online today. The headline that I saw that drew me to the page was, "Mom has teenaged daughter sterilized." I had to look thinking that perhaps she was in a vegetative state and the mother was afraid she'd be raped or something. What I found
disturbed me so much I had to blog about it. The very idea of sterilizing - even temporarily - young girls as a form of birth control is outrageous. Aside from the fact that it is not easy to reverse a tubal ligation -it's often unsuccessful- This could give girls the false assumption that they are protected from disease as well. Most, if not all, of my readers are very aware of STD's and their complications so I'll not go into it here. The use of long term implants to prevent conception not only gives a false sense of security but also poses some real threats to the girls health. I have seen cases of these implants being removed and the woman has been unable to concieve at all. My purpose in writing is that if this should become a serious issue in the USA we must do all we can to combat it. I'm not a big fan of sterilization for anyone though there are cases where it really is quite necessary and I also believe that such a decision belongs in the triangle of marriage and not for a parent to chose. What ever happened to waiting for marriage to have sex? I've heard so many times that that is obsolete or out dated, but it's not. The Bible is still relevant for today. Following the Lord's commandments will save you from the heartache that can come from non-marital sex. I can tell you another thing too. I have never met a girl who regretted being a virgin on her wedding night, and I have never met a girl who wasn't a virgin and didn't regret it.

I would very much like to hear from all of you about your opinions on this matter. Oh, by the way, the above article linked to this one too. This is a bit more interesting/informative.


Janie said...

I found it revolting that they wanted to do that at all, but the age bracket.....starting at age 12?????????????

The bottom line is that they also don't care if later on the girl has trouble getting pregnant after she gets a reversal....they just figure less humans to clutter up the planet.

Renee Shaw said...

I've personally never heard of that until I read your blog, but that is rediculous!
Where is this world going today! It's pathetic, that parents would have to do that to their daughter just to ensure she isn't going to get pregnant! If she would have raised that girl with a little self control and dignity she wouldn't have to go to such drastic measures!! This is so unreal that this is where we are in life! People of this world need Jesus!!!

Dawn said...

Yeah I was rather left speechless (which is happening more and more with what gets accepted as normal in this world) and my husband was sickened by it.
I sent the article to another blogger friend of mine and I like what she said.."parents need to teach their daughters to keep their legs closed". I agree.
Yes I know it goes much deeper than that. Parents also need to teach both daughters and sons about the blessings of purity and waiting till marriage.
Those ideas are scoffed at nowadays. But it's funny, because they actually WORK!

Of the doctors don't list the health risks of sterilizing a young girl, of course not...

What a bunch of liberal garbage.

Maybe if parents did their jobs and actually parented their children instead of letting the world do that, the world wouldn't be in the mess that it's in.