Monday, February 4, 2008


I had forgotten how tiring working full time can be. I haven't worked full time since we were married except for about 12 weeks and those were special circumstances. Anyway, that's why you haven't heard much from me lately. I have been substituting for the school nurse. This is the last week of it. My leg is not any better. It turns out I am right about there being a pinched nerve. They are sending me for an MRI next week. The doctor is guessing that my left hip has shifted somehow and is pressing on my nerves. I was born with left hip displasia. I wore a brace and all as a baby and they told my mom that it was good as new, but it has never been quite right. I've always had trouble with it. I hope when they do the MRI they see that there is something that can be done about the current problem. Any kind of movement at all is very painful, thus very tiring. Even laying in bed or sitting can be agonizing. On the plus side, I'm getting an outstanding education in what it feels like to have long term pain. Now I grant you I've only had this pain since mid December however it's exhausting.

In other news, we finally got the last paper work snafu taken care of relating to Alaina's adoption. So now it's just a matter of court dates and such. We are hoping to have her in April sometime. Please continue to keep her in prayer.

It's been good to have these 3 weeks of working to remind me that I don't really want to work full time. It's too tiring to do that and try to keep house decently and then when Alaina comes home it would be even worse. I can't imagine. I remember in nursing school, I was working a full time and a part time job and going to school full time. I had no car so I walked or rode the bus or subway everywhere I went. It was exhausting. I would leave the house at 5 am and be lucky to get home most days before midnight. I rarely had a whole day off where I didn't have either school or work or both. I just can't believe how the girls who were married and had kids and a full time job did it. lol It kind of made me feel like I'm slow or something or that they are super smart that they could do all of it. Well, I'm glad I didn't have to. I sure do support people getting their schooling done before they get married.

Well, I've rambled long enough. Make sure you all get out and vote tomorrow if you're in a super Tuesday state.


Janie said...

Hi Rebecca! I am so sorry about your hip and level of pain. Let us know about the MRI and what they say. I am sorry you have to wait so long for Alaina; I know it will be worth it, but the wait must be so hard. I am going to try blogging again, so I will see you around!

Pam said...

awww poor thing! I hope you can get this leg problem straightened out before the big day of bringing your Alaina home! God bless you Rebecca.

Rebecca said...

Good to know you are blogging again Janie! Thank you Pam.