Saturday, March 8, 2008


Well, it's Saturday and I don't have much to say. I have loads of housework that needs to be done, but I can't get it done. The pain is back pretty bad. It seems that perhaps I tried to do too much. I don't know. I'm rather frustrated with not being able to do much. If I unload and reload the dishwasher (sitting in a chair for most of it) that's about all I can do for the day. I can do one or two things and then I hurt so bad I have to rest the remainder of the day. I hate that Alan has had to pick up so much of my slack. We have so much going on right now and he has to carry the burden of everything! It doesn't seem fair for him. Well the verse about do everything without grumbling or complaining just popped in my head so I guess I'd better shut my yap and be thankful for the things I can do.

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