Saturday, March 8, 2008

Things I'm Thankful For (In no particular order)

Alan - A husband who loves me and is picking up the slack without complaint.
Smokey - A loveable cat who wont leave my side when I'm sick.
Alaina - My precious daughter. I can't wait until she can come home.
Pain medication - Life would be unpleasant without it right now.
There are many other things but I just realized I need to cut this short and go to the commissary so I'll finish with the most important one.
My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ - The one I cry out to in times of need - The one who loves me in spite of me - The one who makes my life worth something - The one who suffered so much more than I am now so a worthless wretch like me could spend eternity with Him.

And I had the nerve to complain.

terribly ashamed...


Pam said...

Short post, but it said a lot Rebecca. Hope you are feeling better. I just said a prayer for your little Alaina.

Janie said...

I am glad you are thankful for these things....but I know that sometimes physical pain can make life so hard that I can definitely understand a little "complaining". You certainly didn't come off that way to me, dear. I will continue to pray about your pain level and am sending a hug!