Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Feeling Better

Well, I went to the doctor on Tuesday. She put me on a new regimen of medications and boy has it helped! Way down with the narcotics and way up with the feeling better and mobility. I really have to give the credit to the Lord though. I was already starting to feel better before I saw her. I'm still going to have the MRI on Monday though. If I really do have a herniated disk as the doctor believes I need to know and to get the right treatment started. That said I believe the Lord will heal me. He may choose to use medical help, but He may choose to touch me like He did last night. The pain was so bad and I prayed again and immediately I felt relief. As each part flared up I asked the Lord to touch it and He did. Immediate relief and I slept well. Praise the Lord! I hope I'm not spelling too many things wrong! Where is my spell check?!!!!!


Janie said...

I am glad you are feeling better...praise the Lord! Hope they find out specifically what is wrong...keep us posted.

Jungle Mom said...

Good to know you feel better. I have had two back surgeries for ruptured disks. The narcotics are a bear and not fun! Surgery was not easy but did give relief, however, they want to do a third and I just don't have peace about it this time.
About Weight Watchers...I keep losing the same 10 lbs. Lose a few gain a few...better than just gaining!;)