Saturday, June 14, 2008

Garmich and Amsterdam

The day after Rothenberg we went to Garmisch, Germany and stayed at the Edelweiss resort there. The weather was a bit rainy at times but we just relaxed and enjoyed the scenery. Then the last hurrah of my sister's vacation was a trip to Amsterdam. I love that city. I'm not really sure why. It may be the fact that it was the first city outside of Germany that we traveled to after moving here. It may be that when my husband and I went we went to the Anne Frank house and to the Corrie TenBoom home and it was so exciting. I consider Corrie to be a heroine of the faith, and it was very exciting and inspiring to be in the place where they put their faith into action. You could really feel the Spirit of the Lord there. My love for Amsterdam certainly has nothing to do with legalized prostitution, pot, hash, legalized gay marriage and polygamy, but it is a beautiful city and it's so exciting to see so many things from the past. Fran and I went to the Anne Frank house of course and then went to the Jewish history museum. We enjoyed a lot of really good Greek food while listening to the wandering musicians. We rode the Canal Bus and enjoyed the sights and shopping and coffee. I suspect my sleepiness this week is the lack of caffiene! It's somewhat rare in Europe to find decaf. We traveled on Swiss Air and it's a really nice plane. They give you some wonderful Swiss chocolate to enjoy instead of peanuts.

The month went by so fast, but we had a good time and she flew out last Saturday loaded down with souvenirs and chocolate.

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