Friday, June 13, 2008

My Sister's Trip Part 2

We had a great time in Prague. We stayed at the Cloisters Inn in the old part of the city. It is an old medieval monastery and is in walking distance of everything you'd want to do in Prague. We walked across the Charles bridge and had supper by the river where I got a big kick out of the waiter trying to flirt with me. lol We spent quite a bit of time in the old Jewish quarter. When you go into the old cemetery or one of the synagogs they give the men a paper yalmaka to wear. I was a bit put out with all the men who casually tossed theirs on the ground or just refused to wear them. I realize they are not Jewish, however I do think it is appropriate to respect the custom while in their house of worship. Anyway, my back held out alright though I did have to rest quite a bit. lol We had coffee or some variation all over the place. We did one walking tour through the old town which was supposed to be a ghost tour. They told the old legends of many years past and had a guy who jumped out and scared everyone and it was offered at twilight so that was fun. We went to the Prague castle and walked down through the golden avenue. When we got to the train station to leave, the original platform we were to meet our train on had been changed. Neither of us speak any Chech and we were desperately trying to find the right train. We found it and you should have seen us jumping train tracks to get on before it left. lol Wow!

Our next outings were a trip to Poland for polish pottery shopping. Poland is lovely but they seem to be quite poor there. I was interested to note how the roads changed as soon as we crossed the border. The 4 lane autobahn changed to a 2 lane road. I'm hoping the EU will help change some of that. We went shopping at some outlets in Neustadt near Weiden one day and then another day we went to the walled city of Rothenberg. We didn't get to spend much time there and we never found the Italian ice cream stand but we'll go back another time.

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