Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Sister's Arrival

My sister Fran came to visit for a month. She arrived on may the 10th. What a busy month it's been! The next day she had her first experience in a military chapel and then had her first time eating brunch at the mess hall (now called dining facility or DFAC). She is currently finishing her doctoral dissertation in medieval history and so in all our down moments she worked on that, well at least she did until I got her hooked on an internet puzzle game. :( bad me. Anyway, that first two weeks she attended a Hail and Farewell, a forum in which 3 soldiers were awarded medals, shopped with me in the commissary and PX, went to Bamberg on two day trips where we saw 3 castles, a medievel cathedral that is still in use, an old medieval church that is not, an open air market and lots of shopping and ethnic eating. Yum! In the first two weeks she also got to attend my husband's change of command ceremony where he officially took command of his unit, helped me pull off the reception (in the army you give your own receptions for change of commands and promotions) and we went to Prague on the train where we met an interesting young man who is working on his doctorate in biochemistry. Between him and my sister, I felt like a real slacker let me tell you. Here are some pictures from the first two weeks of her visit.

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