Saturday, May 26, 2007

There Is None Like Him

OK, so this is the news we've been waiting 3+ weeks for. Back in April we found out that there was a big change in store for us. We knew it would be one of 2 things. My husband was either going to be deployed with a special task force or he would be taking a command in Kaiserslautern. We both really wanted him to get the command for 2 reasons. One, obviously, I don't want him deployed. Yes, I know that it's a part of being an Army wife, but he has been deployed before and nearly died because of it. That, however, is another story for another day. The second reason is that it would be commanding a medical transition unit. This unit comprises a lot of men and women who have been injured. This is something my husband is passionate about. He knows the ins and outs of the military medical system, and he truly cares about his soldiers. There are a lot of other reasons he would be perfect for it. We both really felt the Lord's leading here. We felt that perhaps this was one of the reasons that Alan nearly died 3 years ago. So as you all read in past posts, we were anxiously awaiting. If he didn't get the command he would be deployed. The decision was supposed to be made more than 4 weeks ago. The date came and went. A week later we heard that it would take more time as a certain General wished to weigh in on the decision. That was understandable in light of the Walter Reed scandal. Still it was hard to wait. Then a week or so later we learned that the person to make the decision had changed yet again, but Alan had made the first cut. So off we went again to interview with the new decision maker. Another week went by. I may be biased but I really didn't see how they could possibly choose anyone else. Last Wednesday, my husband came home and told me the news. "I didn't get the position." which also meant he would be deployed. I can tell you that was a real blow. We were really quite hurt and disappointed over it. Our prayer the whole time we were waiting had been "Lord, If this isn't your will, please don't let him get it." Whatever else happens we always want to be right in the middle of His will. Even if that meant Alan being so far away and in less than ideal surroundings. When something we didn't want to happen has happened the Lord has shown us so many times that we must trust Him because He knows the future that we don't. And He knows what's best and wants what's best for us. The whole time we were waiting for this decision the message came through loud and clear. "Trust me." In many different ways and through different people "Trust me." When you hear the still small voice, you know. And so when we got the news we truly didn't expect to hear I still heard "Trust me." We talked about our feelings and then chose to thank Jesus for having His will in the situation. The Bible tells us to give thanks in all things not just the seeimingly good ones. So that is what we did even though we didn't understand. That day and the next was hard for me. I had to attend a function (still sick) and had to tell people. But, when I told them I also said we wanted the Lord's will and we have it. He has never let us down before and so we trust Him that He knows even though we don't. I recounted to some people the Hawaii incident. Privately I told the Lord how disappointed I was. I knew I wanted His will but I also wanted His will to be my will. I wondered how I could have been so wrong about the Lord's leading. I had felt so strongly that we were to go to Kaiserslautern but now I was staying here and Alan was deploying. Nothing felt right and I was very uncomfortable about it. Well, Alan came home Thursday. His Colonel had asked him into the office to talk to him about it. I will mention here that his colonel is wonderful. He is kind, doesn't think he's all that, and he is deeply concerned about the people who serve under him. Add to that the fact that he is a true Christian. He had personally given his recommendation for Alan to get this job. In fact, the day we found out Alan didn't get it, he'd spoken to the decision maker in person and frankly asked him why Alan didn't get the job. :) It turns out that the decision maker has asked for Alan to take a different position. A position as executive officer overseeing the wounded warrior program at Landstuhl effectively supervising the position he applied for! Not only is this a compliment to him but the job of battalion XO is reserved for officers at least one rank higher than he is and he isn't anywhere near promotion. It's a very great honor. So, now you know. Isn't the Lord good! He said, "Trust me." I had just told a lady the evening before that I may not know what the future holds but I know who holds the future. I was so disappointed and I didn't understand but I told my sister." How can I not trust Him? He has brought us through so much. How can I Not trust Him." I'm so glad I/we did.



It is such a wonderful thing to be able to see the mighty working of the Lord on our behalf. I am so glad things worked out for you all. Give my thanks to your husband for what he is doing in a far away country. It is deeply appreciated by me and all my family. thank you for being by his side and supporting him. connie from Texas

Jungle Mom said...

What a testimony of faith. i am so proud of you!!!
I don't know if I have mentioned it ,but my mother in law passed away at the military hospital there in Landstuhl. She was in a coma for two weeks . So I spent a lot of time there in the hospital. they treated us very well.