Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Bits and Pieces

Sorry I've been away so long. I spent Sunday night to yesterday taking care of a sick friend who's husband is deployed. My husband is so good to me. While I was gone he completely finished the spring cleaning. There is nothing left to do. lol No, he's not weird, but when he is anxious and has something on his mind he gets it worked out by cleaning. It could be a lot worse. There are many worse things he could do, and no I'm not sending him to your place next time he's thinking something out. lol. Last Friday we went to a Toby Kieth concert. He gives these free concerts for the soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq. He made one stop in Germany. We were glad it wasn't too far. It was hot and I got sunburned. You ought to see my farmers tan/burn! Oh well, we had a good time.

Monday, Our computer crashed. Alan had to wipe it clean and he has been trying to reload the programs we need on it. I'd post the pictures I took at the concert but the program has to be downloaded and I don't know from where so it will have to wait until hubby can get around to it.

Other than that, I have errands to run today and some shopping to do.

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