Monday, May 14, 2007

We're Back

We're back. We left late Friday afternoon for Kaiserslautern, Germany. There, On Saturday, we attended an adoption symposium for Americans living overseas who are looking to adopt overseas. We are so glad we went! There are so many children out there that need good homes and we are going to start the paper work to get at least one if not 2 of them. lol I'll see if I can talk hubby into more he he! It was a very informative day and we got lots of information to take with us and review.



Rebecca, You have been a real blessing to me in the last weeks and I wanted to thank you. Glad you got home safely.I pray all goes well with the adoption paperwork and the results will be your heart's desire. May God bless you. connie from Texas

Janie said...

Wow! That would be great if you guys could adopt a child. That is exciting news. Hope you are having a good week!