Monday, May 21, 2007

Update and Smokey news

OK, so I did manage to see the doctor today. I had to wait several hours but at least I got in. She said I was the fourth patient she'd seen today that had this. I got a shot, a breathing treatment, and like 3 prescriptions. So, I'm rather knocked out by all the drugs. I managed to change the linens on our bed today, but that has completely wiped me out. Just sitting up and typing is exhausting. So nothing new to tell today. Thank all of you for your prayer. I appreciate them more than I can say. Oh there is one thing to mention. Smokey our cat fell again today. He was jumping up to the window ledge in our bedroom. He likes to look out that window and watch all the activity. The ledge is smooth and not wood (I don't know what it's made of) and he can't always get a good grip. Today he tried a different approach. I store some of my shoes on this ledge. It's a big ledge and he tried to jump up on my shoes for better traction but the shoe flipped up and hit him and he fell. So I have brought over one of our dining room chairs that normally sits in another part of the room so he can have a foot stool as it were. Now we just have to get him to try it. He's scared he'll fall again. Thank the Lord he wasn't hurt.


Sheri said...

I'm praying for you my dear sister in the Lord! Sounds like we are both fighting sickness... He is able! So much more than able!

Rebecca said...

Amen Sheri He is able. Just the thought of it brings me to tears. Thank you for your prayers.