Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Scholarship Day

Today was the end of the school year awards ceremony at the high school here on post. As the chairperson of the BSCC, I had the pleasure of announcing and handing out the BSCC scholarships for this year. It was so great to see these young people getting awards in math and science and it was especially satisfying to award scholarships to such deserving military kids. You see I believe that school is a bit harder on military kids. They move every couple of years if not more often. A new school with new rules and "politics", new students and teachers to get used to, often different requirements for graduation or advancement, and especially now with the constant threat and reality of having a parent deployed to a war zone, it takes special dedication and resolve to do well. I applaud these students and cheer them on in their future endeavors. Whatever they choose to do they have outstanding potential to make wonderful contributions to our world.

So that's what I did today. Other than that DH is out of town on business of course and I have been asked to substitute teach the rest of the week. I have requested that they call the others first and only call me as a last resort mainly because I prefer to be home taking care of things so I know that they really need me. Anyway it will only make 3.5 days of work this month. Not too shabby and it's nice to have a little extra spending money. DH's birthday is coming up. The big 40! Not till July though.


Jungle Mom said...

We have a supporting church in Germany, Rheinland baptist Church. Do you know of it?

Rebecca said...

I just now looked it up online. I had not heard of it but will check it out next time I am in Kaiserslautern. If this thing we are still waiting on happens we will be moving there in June. Thanks for letting me know about it!