Saturday, February 21, 2009

More Pictures From Auschwitz

The first picture you see is one of the bathroom barraks. This was where they could clean up or do their business. There were two of these barraks for maybe 20,000 people to use. They could only use it in the morning after on the way to roll call or after working 14 hour days on their way back. In the mornings they only had a few minutes to get to roll call. If they were found relieving themselves during the workday (or if they couldn't hold it and went on themselves) they were beaten.
The next picture is of the gate the train came through. Most people who came through this gate were sent directly to the gas chambers which was literally at the end of the train line. It is my opinion that those were the lucky ones.
The next is one of the many barraks for sleeping. The bunk beds had paper thin mattresses and were 3 tiers high. They slept 8 to one mattress. So 24 men in one 3 tier bunk bed.
The next was a picture of the kitchens.
The last is a picture of one of the many guard towers.
If someone escaped or was caught trying to escape they would chose other prisoners out of the camp at random to make examples of. Some would be sent to a starvation cell where he would starve to death. Some would be sent to a standing cell where after working so hard all day he would be forced to stand all night.


Pam said...

Reading this broke my heart all over again. The movies I've seen have done well at recreating how the barraks, etc looked.

Jungle Mom said...

Oh wow. What a shame.
I am sorry I have not been around lately. I have been so busy that I have only been visiting my family blogs for the most part.