Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentines Day Sexism

Six inches of snow on the ground and Valentines day coming up. Alaina and I went shopping today. We were buying cards for February as there are tons of family birthdays and anniveraries this month. I was looking for a card for Alaina to give her papa for V day. That's when I noticed it. There are no cards for little girls to give their daddys. None. I saw a few cards for mom and dad. I saw lots of cards for mommy, mom, grandma, aunt and mother. I also saw one for dad specifically from a pre-teen girl, but none for daddys from little girls or even grown girls who might not have a hubby to send one to. Sexist! Seriously this calls for a letter to the editor. Except that I live in Germany and therefore have no editor to write. Maybe we should email the Hallmark people. Don't daddys count? It seems to me they deserve a valentine just as much as mommys.
What did we do? Alaina was not to be deterred. We bought construction paper, doilies, stickers and crayons and made our own card to give to papa.

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Michele said...

Making a card sounds like the *perfect* solution. I agree--the selection of cards is dreadful sometimes!

Regarding the comment you left on my blog about my kitty---How wonderful that you have an older cat too. Aren't they precious? (o:

My kitty still has all of his teeth but the vet said that at his age they can get a bit of arthritis in their jaw and the canned food is easier for them to eat. I leave out dry and he does still eat some of it.

I just thought I'd pass that along because I wish I had known that little tidbit sooner. (o: