Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Weekend

We spent last weekend in Poland. We drove through the Czech Republic and onward to Poland landing ourselves in Krakow. Interestingly enough, it is also known as Cracow. Traveling in the off season, we get to stay in nicer hotels in better locations. In this case we stayed at the Hotel Elektor. We had a suite and enjoyed every moment. The beds were even comfortable. The hotel is located just outside the old town square. So it's in the best location for shopping and sight seeing. We visited Auschwitz while we were there. There is a lot one could say about that. I'll just say the picture of the children that Joseph Mengele performed human experiments with was one that will never leave me. I will not describe it for you. I do not wish for you to have the mental picture I am carrying. I will say this. The tour guide told us regretfully that Dr. Mengele never paid for his crimes. She said he moved to South America and lived there until he died. I know better. Unless he somehow came to the saving grace of Jesus Christ, his punishment in Hell will be worse than anything he did to those children. Of this I am certain. When hubby comes home and I find the camera I'll post pictures of our trip.

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