Saturday, March 31, 2007

Back From Vacation

Ok, we're back. Our trip to Ireland was good in spite of the fact that I woke up with bronchitis the morning we left. I ended up having to see and Irish doctor. Just as I was starting to get better my mom came down with it and then I picked up pink eye. Apparently doctors in Ireland still make house calls (if you pay them enough and we did). Mom was just too weak to go out to see one. Mom and I are still coughing and hacking a bit but we are very thankful that my husband didn't come down with anything. Poor man, he had to put up with 2 sickos on his vacation.

So, on to the pictures. The first one you see is the Contarf Castle Hotel where we stayed. It is an old castle that they turned into a very nice hotel. The next is the St. Patrick's day parade. Then is an outside view of St. Patrick's cathedral. We went there for services the first Sunday we were there. There are no catholic cathedrals in Dublin. This belongs to the church of Ireland which would be like the Episcopal church in America. My great grandfather was a chancellor of the church of Ireland. The next pic is Trinity college where my great grandfather obtained all of his degrees including his doctorate of divinity in the 1800's. Lastly is Dublin Castle. We didn't get to go in this one because it was closed every time we tried.
Tomorrow I will show you my family's past.

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Janie said...

So glad y'all had fun! I love the pictures. How beautiful it all is...makes me a little sad that in all our Army travels we were never stationed overseas. A once in a lifetime opportunity, it seems!