Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Sore Ears; Good Husband

It started at 0630 this morning. I got up at reveille because I had been asked to help with the health fair at the school today. We would be taking the children's height, weight, and blood pressure. Screening them for hearing, vision, and scoliosis. My role as it turned out was to take blood pressures. My ears hurt. I must have personally taken like 150 pressures. Even with the soft ear tips on my stethoscope, my ears hurt. Well it was fun, and it was good to get out and meet new people even if they are kids. After that I ran errands and then was helping someone out with something which took longer than I intended. As I was coming home, I was thinking of how I really didn't want to cook anything and really wanted to order a pizza. (They have really good pizza here in Germany). As I was thinking this it occurred to me that I was expected at a "coffee" tonight. For those of you who are non military, a coffee (as a rule) is a monthly meeting of the senior spouses of a particular unit. Usually it includes the senior NCO spouses and the officer spouses. The event was being held at one of my favorite Italian restaurants! So I called DH on the way and told him I wouldn't be home for a few more hours. (I keep food prepared for such an event so he doesn't have to starve) Then it was off to fun and girl talk with the ladies. After that home to finish getting ready for my mom's visit. I walked in the door and found hubby faithfully vacuuming the whole house. I only had to mop mom's room, straighten up a bit and then settle down to study tomorrows Bible study lesson for PWOC. Now only to finish this post and then off to bed. Goodnight.



Is the pizza very different in Germany than it is here in the U.S. We like pizza also. I hope you enjoy the visit from your Mom. Connie from Texas

Rebecca said...

The pizza here is different. It's way better than most USA pizza. This is real Italian pizza with the shop owners who are actually from Italy. If it was like any pizza back home it would be closest to New York City pizza. But still better than that. Also some of their toppings are different. The pepperoni isn't like ours but it's good.