Monday, March 5, 2007


I'm a bit tired today from the weekend. Last night hubby and I went to see "We Are Marshall" at the movie theater here on post. Such a tragic story about a whole football team killed in a plane crash. It was a good movie. I thought it should remind people that you don't know when your number is going to be up. So don't plan on "getting right" with the Lord for your deathbed, because you may not have that opportunity.

This morning I rested and then this afternoon I was to volunteer with the Red Cross at the health clinic. This was to be my first day as the other days have involved the Hippa training and CPR renewal etc. Well, it turns out that the nurse I am supposed to be working with did not come in due to a sick child, and the one taking her place didn't know about me and didn't know what to do with me so I just went home. It's ok. I hope her daughter gets better soon. It did give me some unexpected time to work on other things here at home. My mom is coming to visit on Wednesday, so we have been busy getting ready for that. She will be with us for a whole month. It will be good to see her. I pray her flight goes well.

Well, I suppose I should go and see about starting supper. How did your Monday go?


Janie said...

How exciting that your Mom is coming to visit! When is the last time you got to see her? I will pray for a safe flight and for a good visit for you all. A whole month! How wonderful!

Rebecca said...

I saw mom I think last June a few weeks before we moved here to Germany. Thank you for your prayers Janie!