Saturday, March 10, 2007


Today I made us breakfast. Scrambled omelet, juice and yogurt. DH had to have toasted English muffins of course because he simply MUST make a sandwich out of everything. LOL I think that is so funny. Last night I made meatloaf, garlic mashed potatoes, and green beans for supper and of course he had to go find the French bread and make a sandwich out of the meat loaf. Oh well, at least he likes my cooking.

So, today we are going to take mom to do some sight seeing. I'll post tomorrow where we went.

Yesterday I had to do some shopping in the German stores. I took mom with me. She found it so interesting to see what the Germans have in their stores and to see that they have many of the brands we have but they are packaged a bit differently. For instance they have Mr. Clean but they call it Meister Proper. Kellogg's Frosted Flakes are titled Frosties etc.
Then we went to the bakery across the street. If any of you have ever been to Germany, you know what a wonderland it is. So we had lunch and mom was able to taste several goodies. After that we went to the great big store, Real. Most of the stores, aside from the neighborhood groceries, are like small super Walmart. They sell TVs, DVD players etc. in addition to a full selection of groceries. At one point we saw Dunkin Hines cake mix. The strange thing was that the box was in English not in German. Then we discovered that it, along with quite a few American items, was in the gourmet section of the store. The cake mix cost over 6 euro which is about 8 dollars per box. The brownie mix was like 5.99 euro. They had Campbell's tomato soup for about 2.5 euro per can. One Euro = $1.26. That was so amazing to me. I wouldn't even consider buying a cake mix for $8. But to them its a specialty item just like in the American stores I used in the States they would have German preserves etc. that were more than the American brands. The cake mix especially stood out since the commissary had just had that very brand on sale for 75 cents/box.

Anyway, I'll post tomorrow about what we did today. Have a great weekend!

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That sounded like so much fun. I would not be able to bake a cake from a mix if I live there. It sure would be nice to visit there. Thanks for letting us share in your outing. connie from Texas