Friday, March 16, 2007

Commissary Shopping

My Frugal Friday tip today is for the military family. Commissary shopping is one of our best benefits. The thing is though, that you get there and discover all kinds of "manager specials" that are not advertised. My tip therefore is to take your whole coupon container with you and try to go when you can spend some time there. If you have children that are not in school you might consider trading child care with another mom so each of you can concentrate on the shopping and not the kids. I have gotten so many wonderful deals by having my coupons with me and going when I can spend some time, not when I need to run off quickly to another appointment. We don't get coupons doubled at the commissary so the next best thing is the sales. They often put things on special that they ordered too much of, and remember if you are at a post in Europe you can use coupons up to 6 months beyond their expiration date.


Sheri said...

Rebecca, excellent frugal tip! Us military wives need to shot at the commissary and take advantage of those benefits. Thanks for the reminder and have a super weekend!

Sheri said...

I meant "shop" not "shot" hee. hee. It's early in the morning! Ha!