Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Bursitis and Prayer Requests

OK, so I went to the clinic yesterday morning. They took x-rays and decided that I have bursitis in my left hip. The doctor gave me some better pain medicine and it's helping, but doesn't keep the pain away. Those of you who are familiar with the pain scale from 1-10 will understand what I mean when I say that the pain went from an 8 to a 4. Today I'm working on relaxing while I move. I think I've been in pain so long that when I go to move I tense up and it makes it all worse. When I make myself relax it's not so painful. I was able to change the bed linens today so I'm thankful for that. Alan is going to take me to the commissary after work tomorrow to help me shop. We haven't found the upload cord yet or I'd be posting pic of Alaina. Sorry to keep you waiting. Please keep my nephew Andy in prayer. There is a problem with one of his kidneys that may require surgery. They are doing tests and we should know something soon. He's only 2 weeks old and so it's scary especially for his mom and dad.


Morgan said...

Praying for your back and your nephew Andy! I'm very glad that you have gotten some relief from the pain, but will continue to pray for you...keep us updated as you can.


I am so sorry to hear of the pain you are having. I will be keep you and your nephew in my prayers. God can do anything. I am well aware of that as I am sure that you are. I am excited to see the pictures of Alaina. Just take care of yourself and we will see you soon. connie from Texas