Saturday, January 12, 2008

Politics Anyone?

Could she be practicing for a career in politics? It looks like the victory pose after an election. Not that I would wish such a life for her. I like to watch politics, I just wouldn't want to be the politician. lol
Hmmmm maybe I've been watching too much Fox News. Honestly though. Has anyone found a candidate that they really love? I feel like I'm choosing the lesser of the evils here, and looking on the other side there doesn't seem like much to choose from there either.
Oh well, on to more boring things.
The doctor said there isn't really anything they can do for me. It will go away but it will take time. I have found that if I do some stretches with that leg that it really helps better than anything. So that's what I'm doing. Today is a lazy day for us. Saturdays are usually a day of rest for us as Sundays are just too busy to truly be restful. I was able to cook dinner last night and take care of the dishes and the kitchen. lol Who knew I'd ever be so happy to do chores? Oh well, it's all in your perspective. Have a great weekend!


Dawn said...

Love the pose! :)

I don't do the whole political thing...never was interested in that stuff :)

Today the hubby and I were in Mannheim and while he ran in the PX I was praying for a few people who came to mind and you and your nephew did so up went prayers for both of you :)

Enjoy church tomorrow!

Pam said...

She looks so content and sweet/! I'm so glad you have some good photos of her, All of her little clothes are so cute!

Politically speaking, I'm a big Mike Huckabee fan!! His personal testimony is awesome. The other side scares me all the way around.

I follow politics very closely and try to not let it consume me. My belief is that we as Christians need to be better informed and active than ever before. We're losing ground too fast!

Anonymous said...

This window is popping up in Korean so I'll give this a shot and hope it works. We are stationed in Korea but I don't know the language! Our canadite of choice is Ron Paul! To learn about his views visit or just google him. I was wondering if you've ever lived in Korea and if so could you answer a question of mine? If so write me at Thanks! Michelle

Rebecca said...

Michelle, thank you for visiting my blog! Unfortunately, I have never lived in Korea so I wouldn't be of much help with that. Come back and visit any time.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Rebecca! My only question was that we are trying to get our housing changed from the states to here but we were told to go to to get some type of documentation but we have no clue what they mean! It's all up in the air but that's Army life I say.=) Anyway thanks again.

Rebecca said...

Michelle, I would think that if you have command sponsorship it wouldn't be an issue, however we have never been stationed there so I really don't know. Good luck with that.