Wednesday, January 17, 2007


I am constantly amazed at people that mind everyone else's business. I read several blogs. The first blog I ever read (and it's still a favorite) is Mrs. Happy Housewife. Yes I'm still learning about putting in links. I read her blog today after having been away for several days and was astounded at the response she received from a reader regarding her schedule and homeschooling. Why is it her (the commenter's) business how others educate their children? I'm sure Mrs. Happy Housewife isn't teaching her children to use the foul language that person uses. The thing is that I see on the blogs lots of women minding each others business. I am not just referring to the blog authors, I am also referring to those who comment on the postings. And no, I'm not accusing any one in particular. How many children a couple has, homeschooling or not, wife working outside the home or not, birth control, all these issues are the business of the husband, wife and God. It's between the 3 of them and no one else. I applaud those who seek to be encouraging and informative in their blogs but please ladies let's remember the scripture that says, "Judge not that ye be not judged, condemn not that ye not be condemned. Forgive and ye shall be forgiven."Luke 6:37.

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