Monday, January 8, 2007

Busy Day

Today was such a busy day! I belong to a group here on post called PWOC. Protestant Women of the Chapel. We have a Bible study every Wednesday morning from 9-11. This semester I have been asked to facilitate a study of the book of Habakkuk. So, this morning there was a facilitators meeting (as there are several different studies each semester) from 10 - 12. After that I went to the gym for my work out. One of my goals this year is to add exercise into my daily routine and another is to add more fruit and vegetables to our daily diet. I don't choose to use "weight loss diets" because the concept always makes me panic and then I eat more than I would have anyway. Getting home about 1300 I began the housework. I put fresh linens on both beds and did 2 loads of laundry. I also finished a big pile of ironing, got dinner started (home made burritos enchilada style), set the table, did all the dishes, set up the coffee maker for tomorrow and had a 2 hour conversation with my co facilitator about our goals for the semester etc. Wow! So, now as hubby is not yet home from work, I have some spare time to blog and check email.

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