Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Do busy days never end?

The PWOC kickoff today was a great success. We are sad to see some of our friends go, but so happy to meet the new ladies! I got up early this morning to make my part of the kick-off brunch which was bacon, egg and cheese cups. So easy! Then off to the meeting, over to hubby's office, to the fitness center and home to dirty dishes and laundry. Those two things never end. I honestly just want to have a nap, but I do hate for Alan to have to come home to a messy house after working so hard. Our boy Smokey seems to be better after his bath with the new shampoo the vet gave us. He had been having some dandruff like flakes all over. My late cat Baby had this but Smokey never has so we were a bit concerned. He was complaining when I got home this afternoon. We have had construction out side our window for 6 months, but they have been gone for a few weeks now and it looked like all was finished. Today the workers and all of their noise are back. Our poor boy doesn't like it much and seems to think we could make them stop if we really tried. Oh well. I'm thankful at least that they aren't using jack hammers. It could always be worse.

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