Saturday, June 2, 2007

Can't Find Janie

OK, I'm officially worried now. I haven't heard from Janie in some time. I have checked the blogs that I have known her to frequent and she hasn't made any comments. I have emailed her and received no response. Does anyone know Janie out there? Is she OK? Janie if you're out there I'm praying for you. Please, if anyone knows anything let me know.


Jungle Mom said...

Is that Janie at Home? I have been wondering about her as well.

Pam said...

I've been worried about her too! Bless her heart. I hope all is well. I need to read your posts and catch up with you. I also need to add you to my blog list so I don't miss coming to visit you

Rebecca said...

Yes, Jungle Mom it is Janie at Home. It's good to know others have missed her as well. Pam, thank you that is so sweet. We'll just all have to really keep her and her family before the Lord and hope we hear something.