Monday, June 25, 2007

Signs Of Stress

I haven't been posting a lot lately as you no doubt have noticed. There has been a lot of stress in our lives here. Some you know about, others I have chosen not to blog about. I believe that the Lord allows these times for a reason. I'm not completely sure I know what that reason is, but I'm willing to trust Him. My husband, I believe, did not understand how much all of this has affected me until we went to the movies Friday night. As we left the theater, a colleague of Alan's drove up and said he'd been trying to get us on our cell phones (which of course were turned off during the movie) because the "they" (whoever they are) had cleared our apartment building because of fire or something. So we hurried home to see about our boy Smokey who is can't stand the fire alarm. Just as we pulled in it occurred to me that as hubby walked in the door earlier, I had just put a pan of eggs on to boil and had forgotten them. You guessed it. A very burnt pan and egg bits and egg shell all over the kitchen. No damage to the apartment thankfully. We found Smokey locked in the bathroom with his litter box. He was fine not even upset and probably just so grateful that the nasty alarm had been shut off. I spent quite a bit of time scraping egg of everything and I am still trying to salvage the pan. It's a good pan but has a burnt on mess in the bottom of it. Any suggestions will be appreciated. And yes, there were a whole carton of eggs in the pan. lol oh well it could have been much worse. Praise the Lord for keeping our apartment, everyone else's apartments, and our boy safe.



I am sorry for the stress you are under. May the Lord lighten you load whatever the causes.I know he will give you all the strength you need. He promises He want put more on us than we can bear without making a way to escape. So, lean on Him and let Him carry the load for you. I haven't any suggestions for your pan. I am very thankful that nothing worse happened.God bless you and your family. connie from Texas

Pam said...

Whoa that was a close one! I am so thankful that the place didn't burn down or someone got hurt. God is good!

I don't know what to tell you about the pan! Sorry!

I pray you will have less stress i your lives.

Rebecca said...

Thank you ladies.