Thursday, June 7, 2007


Satan sure is trying awful hard to derail us. As I remarked down below, DH has been offered a very prestigious position at another Army post. He was able to get off the tasking he was on in order to take it. The hitch now is that the senior advisers to the colonel are trying to talk him out of letting Alan take the new job. This also means that they aren't doing their jobs which is to cut him orders so he can go. They are delaying and trying to keep him. I am so sick and tired of this! This is not the first time that Alan has had a good rapport with the CO and then the XO/senior officers try to hold him back or give him lots of trouble. The thing is if God has purposed this in His heart, NO MAN NOR SATAN can stand against it/Him. I'm still remembering what the Lord said. He said, "Trust me." And I do. It's hard right now not to plan vengeance on those who are standing in his way. It's hard in my anger not to sin. You ladies out there know exactly what I mean. Someone threatens anyone in our family and we're right there planning how to make that person suffer for it. I caught myself doing that very thing last night and had to stop myself, ask for forgiveness and continue to trust in the Lord. I do trust Him. He said He has it all under control and He does. Alan is going to talk to the CO today and tell him what has been going on and find out what is going on.
Boy it never rains but it pours with this stuff. Satan has been threatening friends of ours too. They are in the process of adopting 5 children from Ethiopia. The children are all siblings and this is a large undertaking. The husband just got deployed for 15 months. He wasn't supposed to be deployed at all. Then the other day some new person with the adoption agency called up and told her that she isn't going to allow the adoption to go through. Her worries are that the wife is too young and has no parenting experience and the husband is deployed so she doesn't have him. Very rude to her etc. Also told her they weren't going to give their 40K dollars back. We are praying for the Lord to have His will. Here too. What the Lord has purposed in his heart, NO MAN NOR SATAN can prevent. Isn't wonderful to be a daughter of the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords! My God can do ANYTHING. So we are praying and trusting and believing.

Honestly though, I do feel like I've been on a roller coaster of sorts lately. So glad I have Jesus to hold on to.


Pam said...

These are some major issues you shared here Rebecca. I will certainly be happy to pray for your hubby's work situation and for your frind's frustration. I just can't imagine not getting the children I had hoped for, or losing that much money. OUCH! but your attitude is the right one. NOT MAN NOR SATAN can prevent what God wants to see through to fruition. I'll be praying for you too sweetie.

Rebecca said...

Thank you so much Pam. I can't tell you how much your comment meant to me. We appreciate your prayers.