Saturday, June 30, 2007


Ok I have something in my eye. My left eye if that matters. I hate that. Anyone have any suggestions for getting something out of your eye? In other news we went out to dinner to celebrate my birthday last night. I hadn't felt like going out on the actual day. So reservations were made at the restaurant we went to last year on my birthday. We got there and (this is a hotel restaurant) and we were told that the dinning room was closed but we could eat over at the bowling alley if we liked. Yeah, like we were dressed in bowling attire and not dining attire. They didn't care that we had made reservations only that the cook had decided he wasn't going to cook for the restaurant but only for the bowling alley. They couldn't seem to understand why we wouldn't want to eat in a smelly, smoke filled, bowling alley on stools at the snack counter. I don't get these people. We wound up at a Greek place that we had been to before but not the one I like the best because it was now last minute on a Friday night. Paycheck Friday at that. We were lucky to get in. And so that was that. I had 2 salads and some spinach pie. I really love Greek salads.



I hope you had a happy birthday. I thought about you when I got the next play announcement at the christian thearter we go to in Houston. In the middle of July and all of August they are putting on "Pride and Prejudice." I can't wait to go and I will think of you as if am watching it, wishing you could be here to see it with us. Have a happy new birthday year. connie from Texas

Pam said...

Did you ever get whatever it was out of your eye?

Take care and enjoy your new age! That is about the age I started feeling like my opinions counted and I gained more confidence!

Rebecca said...

Thank you Connie. I would love to be able to go with you to Pride and Prejudice. Yes Pam, by the time I had finnished the blog the "thing" was out. Thank you for your concern.